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Lieutenant Thomas Trevor Robinson MC – South African Engineering Corps

SAMVOA Victoria - Vale Veteran Tom Robinson MC

Lt Robinson secures a route for the 8th Army onto the Tripoli Plains Tom Robinson MC SA Corps of Engineers Tom was born in 1916 in Kimberley and was educated at Grey High. He graduated from Wits (Engineering) & Pretoria (MBA). Tom served as a Captain in 32nd,27th and 25th Road Companies of SAEC in Kenya (1941), Abyssinia, North Africa (Alamein to Tunis) and with the 8th Army at the battles of Tarhuna, Medenine, Mareth, Wadi Akarit (1942-3). In Italy he saw action in the 4th battle of Cassino and was with the Polish Brigade that captured Bologna. Tom was awarded the Military Cross for actions in battle of Tarhuna 21 Jan ’43 (amongst his many other medals). Tom is a widower and has 3 Sons & 7 Grand children (his eldest grandson is currently O/C guard at Australian Embassy in Baghdad).

Lieutenant Thomas Trevor Robinson MC – South African Engineering Corps As written on the 4th February, 1949 by the Acting Adjutant General, Brigadier Ian Smith. I wish to bring to notice the action and work of Lt Thomas Trevor Robinson, South African Engineering Corps, who I saw working on the clearing and repair of demolitions in the Tarhuna Pass on the Tarhuna – Tripoli Road. Lt Robinson was in charge of a Bull-Dozer team filling in certain demolitions and making diversions at another. The speed and skill with which this team worked was quite remarkable. There were in fact one or more D.A. charges and there should have been many mines. The Team was quite regardless of such danger and their speed and enthusiasm resulted in a route being made available into Tripoli Plain at surprisingly short notice. I was present and saw the above work being carried out by Lt Robinson. This position and another demolition on which he was working, were being shelled, and I consider it was largely due to his leadership and initiative that the Eighth Army was enabled to advance many hours sooner than anticipated.

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