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SAMVO Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy Statement (“Privacy Policy”) explains SAMVO’s commitment to protecting the private information of SAMVO Members, who are all South African Military Veterans, having joined a SAMVO Entity by filling in a hand-written (previously) or
(currently) an online digital Membership Application form.

SAMVO Guidelines and requirements for the appointment of members to official positions within SAMVO

The purpose of this SOP is to act as a guideline in Succession Planning within the organisation to ensure its capability to meet its goals and objectives.

SAMVO Dress Regulations

These Dress Regulations supersede all previous versions and are effective as of 2 July 2024

Guidelines and requirements for managing the Resignation or Termination of Membership Process within SAMVO

The objective of this guideline is to provide leaders at Club, Regional and National levels on SAMVO’s requirements when managing a Resignation of a member, or the Termination of a member (membership revoked).

Guidelines and requirements for submitting proposed “Room for
Improvements” or alternatives to SOPs/Guidelines, already approved and
implemented within a SAMVO Entity or SAMVO

The objective of this guideline is to provide leaders at Club, Regional and National levels of SAMVO’s requirements, when managing a proposed “Room for Improvement”, or suggestions in terms of “SOPs / Guidelines / Constitution” from grass roots level.

SAMVO Guidelines on participant conduct during Zoom Virtual presentations

This guideline sets out SAMVO’s absolute expectation that both Presenters and Participants will demonstrate in their respect to all concerned during these virtual presentations through Zoom, and they do so in a professional and courteous manner.

SAMVO Guidelines on the rules in terms of the SAMVO Facebook Page.

To provide an overview of the expectations of the SAMVO Executive in terms of the SAMVO Facebook operation.

SAMVO Guidelines for the conduct of Military Veteran Funerals.

The aim of this document is to provide guidance on the procedures to be followed before, during and after veteran funerals or memorial services.

SAMVO Guidelines on the handling of Military Impersonators

The purpose of this SOP is to act as a guideline when Clubs or Regions find the need to deal with Military Impersonators / Wannabes at Club level

SAMVO Principles and Guidelines on the treatment of War-Caused Injuries.

The purpose of this policy is to provide principles and guidelines for the identification and facilitation of treatment options in regard to physical, emotional and mental injuries incurred by SAMVO members during the course of their military service.

SAMVO Policy on Australians fighting overseas

Australia's diversity means many citizens have strong views on international conflicts. Australians have fought on the side of non-government forces in East Timor, Sudan, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, among others. Here's a guide to how the act works.

SAMVO Guidelines on Authority and Limits of Authority for Zone / National Entity Executives.

This objective of this guideline is to provide guidelines to our Zone and National Entities in terms of the level of authority, aswell as the limits of authority, within which their Zone or National Entity can operate.

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