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SAMVO Attire Order Information

This is a guide to the range of SAMVO kit available to Members and a link to the order form to select and purchase those items you need and would like.

Stock is available from your Regional Quartermaster.

Trooper Kevin Bruce Piccione HCS, 1 SSB, South African Armoured Corps_edited.jpg


The SAMVO kit comprises of :

  • Olive SAMVO Beret,

  • SAMVO Beret Badge

  • Balkie

  • SAMVO tie

  • SAMVO bullion blazer pocket badge

  • Your SAMVO name plate

Olive SAMVO Beret

The SAMVO Beret is Olive drab in colour and very similar to the SAI and Commando berets.  

Sizes available 54,56,58,60 & 62 

(We require centimetre measurements around head)

South African Infantry Corps Balkie.png

All Corps 'balkies" available and manufactured and supplied to order.

The SAMVO Beret Badge

The SAMVO Beret Badge

Piccione Photo1_edited.jpg

The SAMVO badge is worn with Corps

"Balkie" in this case with Armour Corps "Balkie" under the badge.

Veteran Slade Healy - Entertainment Officer (002)_edited_edited.png

Air Force Veterans wear a SAAF tunic lapel Eagle that faces the same direction as the Springbok on the SAMVO badge (ie Eagle from the tunic wearers left lapel)


The SAMVO tie is a full length tie 1600mm long (63 inches )

Made to specification JQ10957/navy.

Your SAMVO Name Plate

Your SAMVO name plate is personalised with your name and the Corps or Arm of Service that you served in.
As a veteran, your name will have “Veteran” before your name.
Comprised of aluminum base with rounded corners, domed finish and bar pin on the back. Order through your Regional Quartermaster.
The Standard size: 73mm wide x 27mm drop.


SAMVO Blazer Pocket Badge

The SAMVO bullion blazer pocket badge is mounted on a black background and best worn on a black or dark navy blue blazer.

Heritage Members should trim the word "Veteran" from the badge.


PRO PATRIA - South African Military Vererans Organisation of Australasia Wall Plaque

A wall plaque is ideal to hang in that special place where your memorabilia means so much to you.
There is room beneath for an engraved scroll with your details.

Placing Your Order


Please Note only members of SAMVO are able to purchase attire,

so be sure to complete and be accepted as a member before ordering your kit.

  membership application 


AUS Dollar
US Dollar
SA Rand
AU $20.00
US $15.00
R 280.00
SAMVO Beret Badge
AU $20.00
US $15.00
R 200.00
South African Corps "balkies"
AU $15.00
US $11.00
ZAR 165.00
AU $40.00
US $30.00
ZAR 440.00
SAMVO Bullion Blazer Badge
AU $25.00
US $18.50
ZAR 275.00
SAMVO Name Plate (73mm x 27mm)
AU $25.00
US $18.50
ZAR 275.00
SAMVO Lapel Badge
AU $10.00
US $7.50
ZAR 110.00
SAMVOA - Wooden Wall Plaque
AU $50.00
Select & Complete this section to order attire


In SAMVOA we have Regional Quartermaster Stores in most Regions for your convenience.

SAMVOZA also has a Central store in Johannesburg.


All other Zones, or Regions would be supplied from SAMVO Central Stores in Melbourne, Australia.

These are posted with tracking number and we have had no losses to date.

In the event of a loss, given enough time to allow for the parcel to arrive, we will provide a full replacement at SAMVO cost.

Courier services are available, but will attract a corresponding higher cost.


SAMVO only offers quality products manufactured by international, prime and reputable manufacturers. We offer our products with confidence and we would be responsive to any substantiated claim by providing a replacement product, at our expense, or a full refund for the defective product.


Once you have placed your order online, SAMVO will confirm stock availability and provide you with an invoice that will include postal costs.

Postage has been adequate, but if you require your order to be couriered, SAMVO will provide this cost on the invoice, once this has been confirmed by FedEx, Toll or UPS.

You will then submit your payment as directed on the invoice.


On receipt of the funds, the parcel will be posted, or couriered, and a Proof of Dispatch provided, along with relevant tracking numbers.

Thanks for ordering, an invoice will be sent to your email

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