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Cpl Daniel Lodewikus Cronje HC - South African Army Intelligence

SAMVOA New South Wales - Veteran Daniel Cronje HC

During Operation Firewood, Cpl Cronje, an Intelligence NCO with the South African Intelligence Corps, transported several casualties, several times whilst under heavy fire. in Sector 10.

During Operation Firewood on 31 October 1987, Call-sign 30 of 101 Battalion was ordered to act as an early-warning group along the chief access route to the target area. The enemy force comprised three base areas and three ambush groups with a total strength of about 300 men. Call-sign 32 was also sent as a stopper and early-warning group. Both Groups were ambushed by the enemy with Call-signs 32 and 32C being shot out. Call-sign 10 was ordered to go to the assistance of Call-sign 30. They made contact with a group of a hundred of the enemy and were fired on with RPG-7, RPG-75, PKM and B10's, during which Captain Maritz was seriously wounded. Corporal Daniel "Wikus" Cronje immediately took command, attended to Maritz's wounds and manned the radio. Corporal Cronje had been attached to Call-sign 10 as an Intelligence NCO. He transported Maritz to a medical post, where he obtained vehicles, then returned to evacuate the wounded several times in vehicles with tires punctured by bullets. He was to be the first non-operator in Special Forces to receive the HC.

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