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CMVOSA Annual Memorial Service

SAMVO Facebook Post by Charl Schmahl (30th May 2022)

CMVOSA Annual Memorial Service @ The SA Defence Force Wall Of Remembrance Voortrekker Monument Pretoria.

The Wall was inaugurated on 25 October 2009 and memorial services have been held annually since then. The names of more than 2500 people who died in service appear on the Wall.

When and if you do visit The Wall, note, that the names of approximately 800 soldiers that died during operations had been marked with an asterisk.

Guests of honour were the next of kin of Soldiers who have died in service.

SAMVO was represented by Veteran Godfrey Giles MMM SAMVO Vice Chairman Veteran Colin Bowring MMM SAMVO National Chairman Veteran Dr. Charl Schmahl SAMVO

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