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1992 Tattoo - 90th Anniversary of the Transvaal Scottish 1902 - 1992

It is 30 years since the celebrations of the 90th Anniversary since its inception in 1902.

In the words of Veteran Trevor ( Porky) Wright -

Current Chairman of The Transvaal Scottish Regimental Association.

To celebrate the 90th birthday of the Transvaal Scottish Regiment, Major Tony Macquet, communications, and marketing Officer came up with the idea of an indoor Tattoo to be held at the Standard Bank indoor Tennis Arena. It included members from The Atholl Highlanders, Pipe Bands, Brass Bands from throughout South Africa, and dancers from the Shona Robinson dance studio.

The finale was a "Retreat Ceremony" by the combined battalions of The Transvaal Scottish. As the RSM in charge of the Parade, I regard this Retreat Ceremony as one of my finest achievements. Executing a parade,(that is normally carried out on a soccer pitch-size parade ground) on a slightly oversize tennis court with only five days to practice was both challenging and satisfying. Proving once again that "The Book" is there for the guidance of the informed and the strict adherence to, of the ignorant .

Below is the Original Programme

Download DOCX • 2.71MB

Video of the Event

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