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MARCH 2022 - RSA Newsletter


Kia ora koutou, Kia whakatōmuri te haere whakamua (We must not forget our past, in looking to the future) As we start preparing for Poppy 2022 and Anzac Day it is important that we reflect on how we have done things in the past and ensure that we are prepared for the next generation of veterans. In my many discussions across Aotearoa New Zealand, I am conscious of the hard work the executives and management of RSA are having to do in a financial environment that is challenging to say the least. If you need support, District Presidents should be your first point of contact alternatively you can contact me at or Laura Berry at In this newsletter:

  • Guidance for Anzac Day

  • Update for Poppy 2022

  • Support Services Training

  • Update on the Vietnam Veterans MoU

  • Staff changes in National Office

  • Important Membership Statistics

  • Merchandising


Guidance for Anzac Day 2022 Important guidelines have been developed for RSA to use in planning this year’s Anzac Day. I just want to reiterate the intent from our National President for Anzac Day 2022: That at every memorial, cenotaph and meaningful place of remembrance, the RSA community will deliver an event that commemorates the service and sacrifice of veterans and their families. This will be delivered by each RSA within its capabilities and in conjunction with other community groups. Guidelines have been provided to each of your District Presidents and these will be distributed by them. In the first instance your primary point of contact for Anzac Day 2022 is your District President. If your executive has not been provided the guidelines please contact your District President or alternatively Laura Berry ( You will have noted from various sources on social media comment from anti mandate protesters that they intend to disrupt Anzac Day 2022. Guidance is provided in the Anzac Day 2022 guidelines and we will be sharing updates that we are provided through our contacts with the NZ Police.


Support Services Training Our support advisors are operating in an increasingly complex environment, and it is critical they have the right skills to ensure our veterans and their families get the support they need. RNZRSA Support Services recently conducted a series of training clinics across the country aimed at ensuring our support advisors have the knowledge and confidence to help veterans and their families navigate the many government and non-government services that they are either eligible for or that are available. Navigating the myriad of forms and services is daunting for anyone and the Support Services training provides subject matter expertise, mentorship and networking opportunities. Over the last 12 months, training has been led by Janet Castell, National Trainer and District Support Manager (DSM) for Wairarapa-Hawkes Bay and East Coast, and Rob Todman, National Senior Support Advisor. If you, or someone you know is interested in being a support advisor and accessing training opportunities like this, contact your District Support Manager (DSM). Details for DSM can be found on the RSA website at


Update for Poppy Day 2022 The production of Poppies is continuing with the assistance of Skin Frances and his band of volunteers in Christchurch. At current production rate all Poppy orders will be met. Poppies have started to be dispatched through NZ Couriers. Please note, the current Omicron outbreak is putting significant strain on most logistics, it is planned that all Poppies will be delivered by the end of Mar. If you have concerns, please email Celyn (


Vietnam Veterans Memorandum of Understanding A number of members have expressed concerns about the recent comments from the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs, the Hon Meka Whaitiri, that the Vietnam Veteran’s MoU is to be subject to a review. Together with the Vietnam Veterans’ Association, the RSA will be seeking further information from the Minister’s Office to more fully understand what is being proposed including the aims of any review, and what timelines are being worked to. Once that information has been received, an update will be provided to you all.


Changes to National Office We are very sad to farewell our colleague and fellow veteran Jeremy Seed from National Office where he has served as the Communications Manager. Jeremy has played a vital role in keeping us all sane and we wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Rachel Riley has joined the team from the NZDF where she was recently the Public Affairs Manager for the NZ Army. Rachel is also a veteran and comes with significant experience in the communications field working as a military officer and in other roles across Government.


Membership Statistics Information Required We are now collecting annual Membership Statistics for 2022. Please complete the survey by 20th May 2022 What is Required? We require statistics related to your financial membership as of 31 December 2021. The information will be used to:

  • Determine the number of delegates and voting rights for the next National Council.

  • Assess Capitation for the 12-month period 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2021

  • Prepare RNZRSA Annual Budget and Annual Report and communications

Capitation Policy National Council policy requires Capitation to be paid on:

  • Returned Members of the Association – as defined in the First Schedule of your RSA rules.

  • Service Members of the Association – as defined in the Second Schedule of your RSA rules.

  • Associates Members of the Association – As defined in the Third Schedule of your RSA rules.

Capitation is not payable on:

  • Serving uniformed personnel of NZ Defence Force and NZ Police

  • Returned or Service Members or RSA Club members over 90 years of age.

  • Residents in Rest Homes

  • Youth Members

Local RSA Membership Statistics Local Associations are required to provide the number of Returned (under 90), Currently Serving (under 90) and other members (under 90) and residents of Certified Rest Homes. Branches Parent RSAs please include statistics for each of your Branches under the appropriate membership headings – e.g., Returned, Service, etc Branches, when completing the Membership Statistics Return Form please CLEARLY state the name of your Branch and Return to your parent RSA as soon as possible. Youth Members Youth Members do NOT incur Capitation. It is simply to update our records and is for statistical purposes only. Need Help? For Assistance filling in the online Survey, please contact Celyn – For questions about National Council Capitation rules, please contact Laura, For any further discussions re capitation please contact Marty Donoghue –


ANZAC Biscuit Tins 2022 As April approaches, you will start to see AFM Group’s line of ANZAC Biscuit Tins back on store shelves.

Four of the designs were created by Dame Trelise Cooper Designs, with the New Zealand Flag Design taken from a mural on the wall of the Gore and Districts RSA building, painted by Daniel Meads and Jack Winters. You will only find the three square tins at Countdown Supermarkets, and the two rectangle tins at New World, Pak n Save, Four Square and Moore Wilson stores.

$1 from each tin sold will be donated back to the RSA and used to support veterans and their families. Over the last 12 months, funding from AFM has enabled the RSA to conduct Mental Health Awareness training, supported our advisors in the field and provided funding for back office functions enabling support to veterans.



After our successful Mr Vintage T-shirts launched last year new designs have been prepared and delivery will be before Anzac Day 2022. The RSA’s online shop has a pre-sale for both Mr Vintage t-shirts and Valetta Road jewellery commencing on the 9th of March, and ending on 23rd of March . Products will be delivered to you from the 13th of April, ready for Anzac Day. Click HERE to peruse our current range of products, and keep an eye out for the pre-sale starting next week!

These t-shirts are made-to-order, and will be available for pre-sale next Wednesday alongside a range of clothing and accessories with text and imagery for Anzac Day 2022.

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