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2008 - SAMVOA National Formal Mess Dinner

Toorak RSL Services Club

8th November 2008

Guest of Honour

Colonel John James (Retd)

Chairman of the Toorak Services Board

Retired Colonel, Australian Infantry

Third SAMVOA Formal Mess Dinner

8th November, 2008

Toorak RSL Services Club.

Guest of Honour: John and Sally James.

On Saturday 8th November, 2008, the National Executive of SAMVOA proudly hosted its third formal mess dinner at the gracious Toorak Services Club in Melbourne. A club steeped in military history and fine tradition, with very much in keeping with our traditional messes in South Africa.

The ethos was to combine the traditions and splendour of a formal mess dinner, with a few of our own new variations, to form the unique fabric of a SAMVOA formal dinner.

The evening began with Drinks at 1930H in the Churchill Room with Mike Black, the Mess President presenting the South African Sherry before the call to dinner was made by the Mess Vice President, Adriaan den Dulk. The Guest of Honour and guests were piped into the mess area by our piper, Walter Skilton.

Grace was said and the Host, Veteran Tony Macquet welcomed everyone, mentioning that SAMVOA was now approaching having 300 members throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The menu was an interesting one, with an entrée of Peri-Peri Chicken Salad, followed by a Mains of Karoo Style Baby Racks of Lamb. The Dessert was Cape Brandy Pudding, followed by tea or coffee and other beverages.

During the proceedings, our Mess President welcomed John James and honoured him as a great Australian Veteran who has been very good to SAMVOA as President of the Toorak RSL Services Club. John responded in a most appropriate way and related some interesting stories of his own.

The Toasts were made:

1. South Africa, the Mother Country, wishing her peace – Mess President.

2. Australia, our new home, may we be worth citizens – Host.

3. Fallen Serviceman and women, “Lest we Forget” – Veteran Cliff Everton.

Veteran Adriaan den Dulk, as Mess Vice President controlled the evening especially well and, not only was his timings excellent, but he also kept us in order this evening.

Attended by:

Mike and Colleen Black

Adriaan den Dulk

David and Angela Curry

Kevin and Jenny Edwards

Cliff and Josie Everton

Heidi Fourie

John and Sally James

Kirsten Macquet

Tony and Dee Macquet

Walter and Alex Skilton

Derick and Vanessa Smith

Brent and Debbie van de Stadt

Ras van der Merwe

Lettie van der Vyver

Chris van der Spuy

Jacques van Niekerk and Suzanne Siritzky

Paul and Tania van Dyk

Neil van Wyk

Formal Mess Host Veteran Tony Macquet MMM

Formal Mess President Veteran Mike Black

Formal Mess Vice President Veteran Adriaan den Dulk

• Event Coordinator: Veteran Tony Macquet MMM

• Function Coordinator Veteran Heidi Fourie MMM

• Function Attendee Coordinator Veteran Mike Black

• Finance Coordinator Veteran Adriaan den Dulk

• Function Printing Coordinator Veteran Brent van de Stadt

• Function Special Projects Veteran Kevin Edwards

Chairman's Plaque Awards:

Veteran Adriaan den Dulk - In recognition of his dedication to duty as a member of The Mess Committee and contributing to the success of the 2008 SAMVOA National Mess Dinner.

Mrs Alma Pace - In recognition of her dedication to duty as a member of The Mess Committee and contributing to the success of the 2008 SAMVOA National Mess Dinner.

CHAIRMAN'S CUP WINNER : Western Australia Region

SAMVOA BUGLE WINNER : Veteran Chris van der Spuy

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