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Veteran Garth Pienaar

SAMVO Historical and Museum Curator

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Veteran Tony Macquet MMM

Executive’s Objective.

To promote the ultimate sacrifice made by ordinary South Africans in the defense of their country and to promote the image of SAMVO and the recognition its Veterans.

The SAMVO Historical and Museum Curator will handle all matters pertaining to the history of the UDF, SADF and SANDF as well as SAMVO entities from their inception.

As Historical and Museum Curator, Garth will plan for, source and appoint suitably qualified staff through his Zone Museum Curators, to fill the Zone and Regional roles in the fields of militaria collection, acquisition, de-acquisition, preservation, research, interpretation, access and conflicts of interest.

He will formulate and propose policy in this regard for consideration by the International Executive.

He will have a staff function to the Zone Museum Curators of all four SAMVO Zones. He will liaise at a high level with donors, lenders and items "held in Trust" and establish acceptable control measures to protect the integrity of the items.

He will also develop the ability to source answers through liaison with Regimental and Military Museums and work with the Zone Museum Curators to establish suitable Museum sites and to negotiate a presence at these sites.

Garth served in the South African Infantry from 1977 to 1979 and he joined SAMVO in April 2005

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