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Author : 

Paul F. Roos

Year : 


Pro Patria Medal: Types, Variants and Ribbon Accoutrements and Selected Recipients of Interest

Written by Veteran Paul F.Roos ( SAMVOA Member )

A complete collection of all medals, including types and variants, of the South African 1952 and 1975 Medal series has been put together and has pride of place in a large display at his home in Melbourne.

Having collected medals for over 30 odd years Paul now focuses almost exclusively on Medal Groups to South Africans who had served with the SAAF No2 Sqn “Flying Cheetahs” in Korea between the periods 1950-1953. He has built up considerable knowledge of this period in the glorious annuls of the SAAF, and a substantial collection to match. In addition, he has also built up a collection to Officers and men who served with the South African Aviation Corps (SAAC) in G.S.W.A and 26 (South African) Sqn, RAF who saw service in G.E.A.

Pro Patria Medal : Types, Variants and Ribbon Accoutrements and Selected Recipients of Interest

Full description of all Types/Variants (there are 3 Types and a total of 10 Variants), Manufacturing process, History, Ribbon Accoutrements (Including Bars, Clasps & Devices), Certificate Types, and then a chapter on the very first 48 medals awarded posthumously in October 1976 to our KIA’s during Ops Savannah. I then delve into most of the Cross Border Operations the SADF executed between 1975 (Savannah) and 1987/1988 with the Quito Battle being the Finale. Each Ops is described through the eyes of those who were there, and their harrowing tales -each being interviewed or communicated with and not 3rd hand tales. To give the book balance I’ve included the Russian & Cuban medal equivalent of the SADF Pro Patria, and have “interviewed” a Russian Officer who was head of the SWAPO Detachment in Angola, as well as a Cuban soldier who was captured and a PoW with the SADF.

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