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Flight Sergeant Johann Joubert HC - South African Air Force

SAMVOZA Gauteng - Veteran Johann Joubert HC MMM

Flight Sergeant Johann Joubert HC - South African Air Force
Flight Sergeant Johann Joubert HC - South African Air Force

Number: 72281751PE
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Full name and military post titles: Johann Joubert HC MMM.

Flight Sergeant Johann Joubert joined the South African Air Force during January 1975 and qualified as a flight engineer in June 1982.

While he was in the operational area, he was a member of the Alouette 111 attack helicopter group, summoned from Ondangwa on January 4, 1984 to support a fighter group in the attack on Cuvelai during Operation Askari

When the helicopters appeared over the battlefield, they were bombarded with anti-aircraft fire. It would have taken hours to neutralize the air defences and in the process, they had to return to the temporary base several times to refuel in order to resume combat. During the course of the day, the helicopters constantly come under severe enemy anti-aircraft fire. Time and time again, a hit from the helicopters wiped out the crew of one or more of the enemy positions. However, when the enemy positions remained undamaged and the helicopters had to return to the base to refuel, the enemy replaced the dead and the wounded and used anti-aircraft guns on the ground. Thus, the South African Ratel fighter vehicles were forced to a halt and subjected to fierce enemy anti-tank fire.

After the Ratel combat vehicles were forced to a halt, it was vital that the helicopters neutralized the air defence. Time and again, the air defence waited until the helicopters were well within range and then fired. However, by approaching the enemy statement at a very low altitude and then soaring up, the enemy position was accurately determined and destroyed.

At one point during the battle at an altitude of about 600 feet, while several RPG projectiles and SAM missiles were simultaneously fired at Sergeant Joubert's helicopter, the RPG and SAM positions in the enemy trench were also targeted and it was attacked so that they could destroyed. So, the hostile air defence cannons were systematically neutralized.

On the ground, one of the Ratel combat vehicles was hit by an enemy attack and another, after hitting a landmine started to burn. From the air, it was clear that a number of enemy tanks were milling around in the area. The tanks' positions were determined by Flight Sergeant Joubert and his helicopter commander and the directions were given to the artillery. A bombardment exploded amongst the tanks and they gave that a wide berth. At six o'clock in the evening the battle was delivered and South African troops captured Cuvelai.

Flight Sergeant Joubert constantly distinguished himself as a brave hard-working flying crew member who never hesitated to provide his pilot with whole-hearted support during contacts where heavy enemy fire was attracted. He stayed cool and calm and constantly supported his pilot when needed. His fearless, accurate and thorough fire support directly contributed to the neutralization of these life-threatening enemy positions.
In addition to the accurate fire support provided by Flight Sergeant Joubert in contact with the enemy, he distinguished himself especially with his hard-work ethic during refurbishment and maintenance of the aircraft and equipment. His maintenance services were not only provided in a record time, but under difficult circumstances using the most primitive methods.
Sergeant Joubert's courageous conduct, even when he was in danger, deserves the highest praise.
It honours him and the South African Airforce and makes him a worthy recipient of the Honoris Crux award.

1. Award recommended: HONORIS CRUX DECORATION.
Date: 11 January 1993
Unit Commander Name in block letters: Col. W.J. Loots
Official title and rank: QUALITY MANAGER
2. Adjunct formation commander's recommendation
Official title and rank
3. Head of the Air Force's recommendation: HONORIS CRUX AWARD
Date: 29 April 1993
Signature: Head of the Air Force
Official Rank: Maj Gen (??)
4. Head of the Defence Force's recommendation:

Honoris Crux Silver
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