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Veteran Giles awarded SAIL Medal

Facebook post by Belinda Van Fleet on 13th October 2022

Veterans Bowring and Giles attended the South African Indian Legion (SAIL) Annual Commemoration and wreath laying service on Saturday at the Rand Regiments Memorial Saxonwold.

Veteran Giles was awarded this SAIL medal at the medal parade for his assistance in getting SAIL off the ground and registered with CMVO, MAG and the City of Johannesburg.

Well done, Veteran Giles! We congratulate and salute you.

More about SAIL:

The South African Indian Legion (SAIL) is registered as a Non-Profit Company and Public Benefit Organisation with an affiliation to the South Africa Legion of Military Veterans.

The organisation's primarily focus is the documentation and preservation of the South African Indian Military History and its Heritage.

Members will comprise of Military Veterans, Serving Members and Associated Members (Civilians) who have an interest in preserving the South African Indian Military History.

Projects undertaken are as follows:

1. Compilation and publication of an historical book covering the various eras of conflict were there has been active participation by Indians. 2. The establishment of the South African Indian Military Museum in Durban. 3. The establishment of a Memorial and a Wall of Remembrance in Durban. 4. Upgrade and the revitalisation of the Indian Anglo Boer War Memorial in Observatory, Johannesburg. Make an application to the City of Johannesburg to build a Wall of Remembrance at the site. 5. Determining the names of 4 Unknown Soldiers buried in the Braamfontein Cemetery from the Anglo Boer War and add their names to the tombstone. Further to create an awareness programme surrounding the grave of these Soldiers. 6. Commissioning a set of Paintings spanning from the Anglo Boer War to present day of Indian Soldiers to be used in the Museum. Prints will be sold to the general pubic. 7. Facilitate annual Memorial Parades at the Indian Anglo Boer War Memorial and the new Memorial in Durban. 8. Create Historical research teams to compile the South African Indian Military History to be used in the Book and Museum. The History Research teams will be divided into sub groups looking at different eras of research. i. Anglo Boer War ii. World War I iii. World War II iv. Pre 1994 (including SADF, SAS Jalsena and MK) v. Post 1994 (era where significant career advancement of Indian Soldiers took place in the service of South Africa) 9. Public Relations Team - Creating awareness and publicizing the relocation in the media. Involving schools, South African Indian Community, Indian High Commissioner etc. 10. Fund Raising Team - To generate funds to carry out the above projects.

There will be on going correspondence on the project development which will give all members an opportunity to be part of this historic event.

For further details, kindly contact the number below. In Service General Enquiries 084 450 4892 Membership Applications 082 307 3029

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