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Tshwane Members

Dear Veterans

Welcome to my “Chair”. Here I will get the chance to let you know how SAMVO Tshwane is tracking, planning and what we are up to.

To clear some confusion if any, SAMVOINT, has changed its name to SAMVO. This means it was a complete restructuring of our global naming protocols to simplify them for easier identification. 4 World Regions currently exists:

SAMVOA (Australasia)
SAMVOE (Europe)
SAMVOZA (Africa)
SAVOTA (Americas)

SAMVO continues to grow and represents 2400 veterans who live in 32 countries. We continue to facilitate opportunities for our members to meet, network and to attend remembrance services in South Africa.

SAMVOZA is becoming more proactive in both participating more fully in local services and parades and even taking leading roles in new initiatives. Hence the setting up of regions. As you will no doubt agree, there are numerous cases where Veterans are in desperate need of support and assistance. From filling in the forms to receive Veteran benefits, hospitalisation and even just to receive a phone call, a meal and or to certificate them for thanking them for their service.

Please note that the Medal application forms are available on the main website.
SAMVOZA added a Special Projects Portfolio under the care of Veteran Young Carr. The “YEI News for SAMVOSA Members” YEI for You’ve Earned it. This is a digital platform for over 60’s. Please have a look at the link and do sign up.
Excellent Zoom sessions taking place on the 1st Thursday off every month. Expert subject matter speakers.

Need to setup a database of Tshwane members so that we can have a monthly meet and planning exercise.

Please email me at on thoughts and names of veterans to enable us to grow our Tshwane Region.

Stay Safe.

Veteran Tony Macquet MMM

Veteran Charl Schmahl

Tshwane Club Chairman

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