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Kolonel Roland De Vries - F.J.N. Harman Publisher, Pretoria, 1987.

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Roland de Vries wrote this book when he served at the South African Army Battle School as a colonel in 1987. The content was based on his experience as a combat commander serving with 61 Mechanised Battalion Group in Southwest Africa and Angola in 1981 and 1982. Salient aspects with regards to the book is as follows:

Mobiele Oorlogvoering – ‘n Perspektief vir Suider-Afrika
(Mobile Warfare - A Perspective for Southern Africa).

Mobile Warfare is an easy-to-read textbook with many case-studies and real-life examples for young leaders and commanders within the context of the African Battlespace.

Mobile Warfare for Africa puts into perspective contemporary warfare practices and concepts for military and strategy students alike and explains practicable concepts on military strategy, tactics, terrain and command and leadership precepts.

The book can be used effectively to enhance the military training and command and leadership development of armed forces, both within the context of the African Battlespace and the contemporary international arena.

Mobile Warfare contains a wealth of first-hand military concepts to be used for the conduct of conventional, unconventional, and counter-insurgency warfare or the more integrated form thereof.

The winning recipe propagated in Mobile Warfare is founded on an amalgamation of conventional style manoeuvre warfare and unconventional warfare during day and night.

In 1990 this book was translated into English by the United States. Army Intelligence Agency, US Army Foreign Science and Technology Centre, CRH & Associates.

Out of print – a few copies can still be purchased from individuals and book companies through an internet search.

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